Reusing and chaining tests

Note that you can only use this feature in UI-licious Studio which enables you to set up Projects and create a workspace for your tests.

As your tests get longer, you might want to break them down into smaller pieces so they are easier to manage. You might also want to reuse snippets that run common flows, like logging in to your app for example:"Sign in")
I.fill("Username", "brucewayne")
I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Sign in")
I.see("Hello Bruce")

Let's save the test above as "login" in our project:

My Project
|-- login|-- register
|-- settings
    |-- change_password

We can now run it other tests using like this:

// Then do other stuff"Profile")
I.fill("Change password", "superduperlongpassword");"Save");

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