Clicking things

To perform clicks, use with the label of the thing you want to click on.

To click on the "Sign in" button for example:

I.goTo("")"Sign in")I.fill("Email", "")
I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Sign in")
I.see("Incorrect username or password.")

You may be wondering at this point... What happens if there's two "Sign up" buttons? How do I click on icons and images? Don't worry, we'll get to that later.

When you are ready, click Next below.

Note for developers:

When UI-licious scans your page to identify the correct element to click on, semantic elements like <button> and <a> are preferred when there are multiple similar elements on the page. For example, if a page has the elements <button>Sign In</button> and <h1>Sign in</h1>, UI-licious will most likely click on the button element.

So, avoid using generic elements like <div>s for things that should are intended to be clickable, use the semantically correct element instead.