While UI-licious is pretty eager to finish its job quickly, but it's reasonably patient when your web application takes more time than usual to respond.

If a command fails, UI-licious will try again until it succeeds, for up to 15 seconds (by default).

Try this test below to see how this works.

I.goTo("")"What's \"Thanks!\" in Japanese?")
I.see("Arigato!") // this will take 3 seconds to appear

After 15 seconds, if the command still fails, UI-licious will stop trying, and moves on with the rest of the test:

I.goTo("")"What's \"Thanks!\" in Japanese?")
I.see("Konnichiwa!") // this will fail

If you need a longer or shorter timeout than 15 seconds, you can change it by setting TEST.commandTimeout to your desired duration like this:

TEST.commandTimeout = 60// do some really long process"Find the meaning of life")
// when done, you should set the timeout back to something short
TEST.commandTimeout ="Brush teeth")

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