Filling forms

To fill in input boxes, you can use I.fill.

We can fill the "Email" field with "", and the "Password" field with "supersecretpassword" like this:

I.goTo("")"Sign in")
I.fill("Email", "")I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Sign in")
I.see("Incorrect username or password.")

When you are ready, click Next below.

Note for developers:

While UI-licious will make the best attempt to identify the input field by evaluating common coding patterns for labelling input fields, but it's always best to provide semantic <label>s for your input fields, or label them with ARIA attributes to improve the accuracy of the test engine picking the correct input field to act on. Plus, this also makes your application more accessible to visually impaired people who rely on screen readers to assist them.